What is the London Baptist Confession of 1646?

The London Baptist Confession of 1646 is a foundational document for Baptist theology, history, and tradition. Its strong emphasis on biblical doctrine provides a timeless resource for anyone who wants to strengthen and clarify their faith.  The original title was: "A Confession of Faith of Seven Congregations or Churches of Christ in London Which Are Commonly but Unjustly Called Anabaptists."

What is unique about this edition?

This edition from Ambassador International is different from any other previous edition because it removes some of the extra historical material that is not relevant to local churches today. Every attempt was made to retain the original message while updating the phraseology, headings, sections, spelling, etc. Those looking to purchase an academic edition should consider the recent publication by The Particular Baptist Press.

Why do we need a new version of this confession?

This booklet is an updated version that retains the message of the original Confession while the language has been updated for today’s modern reader. The goal is to make this document available to a wide audience who can confess these truths together in their own language.

Who is this confession for? Who should buy it?

The London Baptist Confession of 1646 is a resource that can be used in the local church as a statement of faith. It will also serve those looking for a solid doctrinal foundation in the Sunday school, church planting efforts, and church revitalization. The gospel truths offered in this Confession are a vital part of Christian unity and will remain a treasure for generations to come. The confession is currently available on Amazon.com.

What are some of the major features of this confession?

Readers will especially enjoy the rich imagery of Jesus Christ as prophet, priest, and king. The London Baptist Confession of 1646 draws from the Reformed tradition and offers a clear picture of God’s sovereignty in salvation, and its content also focuses on the New Covenant era established by the coming of Christ.

Where can I get a copy of the original confession from 1646?

A copy of the original Confession is widely available on the internet and published in standard reference books such as Baptist Confessions of Faith edited by W.L. Lumpkin and B.J. Leonard (2011). The modern version presented here is based on the edition printed by Matthew Simmons and John Hancock in Popes-head Alley, London, 1646. This edition is available online from The Angus Library and Archive at Regent’s Park College, University of Oxford (click HERE to download a free PDF).

Who is the publisher of this modern edition?

The publisher of this modern edition is Ambassador International, a small Christian company with offices in Greenville, South Carolina and Belfast, Northern Ireland. The editor is David H. Wenkel, PhD Theology (University of Aberdeen), ThM and MA (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School).