“I have no doubt that our Sovereign God will use this updated version of the Confession to reform today's church for His glory, and thus increase our joy in Christ."
Charles R. Moore, Jr.
Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church of Paducah, Kentucky

“For various reasons – theological, doxological, ecclesiastical and now even legal/political – churches need thorough, historic and orthodox confessions of faith.  The London Confession should be the one to which Reformed Baptists look for all of these. Hopefully this modern version will help maintain and enhance its usefulness for a new generation.”
Carl Trueman
Paul Woolley Professor of Church History
Westminster Theological Seminary, Pennsylvania

“With the help of the Holy Spirit and the faith and love of those before us, the good deposit continues to get passed down from generation to generation. Lord willing, this modern confession will help churches articulate their faith and guard it as others did before them.”
Gregory Brown
Lead Pastor, Handong International Congregation, South Korea

“In the seventeenth century, Baptist churches of Reformed convictions were not afraid to explain their faith for the benefit of fellow-believers and for others. This version of the 1646 confession, changed only in points of expression, will serve the same Christian purpose in the twenty-first century.”
David Bebbington
Professor of History, University of Stirling, Scotland

“In a day and age when compromise and concessions are all too prevalent, a modern rendering of this humble, yet noble, confession is needed more than ever.”
Jon J. Cardwell
Pastor of Sovereign Grace Baptist Church
Anniston, Alabama

“I am very pleased to endorse this modern version of the London Baptist Confession of 1646. It is greatly needed in our day.”
Geoff Volker
Pastor, New Covenant Bible Fellowship
Gilbert, Arizona

“Creeds and confessions are an essential means to maintain, teach, and transmit the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints. Modern saints are certainly enriched by the reprint of this first Particular Baptist Confession.”
Pascal Denault
Pastor, Evangelical Reformed Baptist Church of Saint-Jérôme

“One of the most classic and doctrinally rich Baptist confessions of faith has been made accessible for this and coming generations.”
Chris Whorton
Pastor, Grace Christian Fellowship of Wyandotte Co.

“The first advance of Calvinistic Baptist truth in the British Isles during the tumultuous 1640s and 1650s took place on the basis of this confession of faith. I am thrilled that it is still considered of great value for use by modern congregations. May the blessing that attended its first publication likewise attend this modern rendition.”
Michael A.G. Haykin
Professor of Church History, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“What could be better for today’s church than a closer acquaintance with those great doctrines on which it rests. This new edition of the 1646 London Baptist confession, preserving that historic document for a new generation, will doubtless be of help to that end. Warmly recommended!”
Fred G. Zaspel
Pastor, Reformed Baptist Church, Franconia, PA,
Adjunct Professor of Theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“My hope and prayer is that pastors and churches will use this updated confession not only as a doctrinal statement that summarizes the teaching of their churches, but they will also use it in their worship and discipleship in their churches. My heart rejoiced as I read over these glorious truths, and I hope this accessible version will help many more hearts to rejoice as well.”
Phill Howell
Pastor, Embassy Church
Palatine, Illinois

“It is my hope that this modern version will be mightily used to help the individual Christian and the Church to walk in godliness and peace according to the New Covenant rule of Christ (Gal. 6:14-16).”
Gary D. Long
Faculty President Emeritus, Providence Theological Seminary